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Q: Are your products REALLY 100% Homemade and natural?
A: YES! All products are handmade. Every single ingredient is natural AND organic(including Mica powder in the Body Glaze)! There is not one ingredient that you will not be able to pronounce in our products

Q: Are your products scented?

A: The Whipped body butter and Sugar Scrub can be made with added scents of your choice. Please use the options on the drop down menu to select.
Q: What is Mica powder?
A: Mica powder is a group of silicate minerals that are ground very finely into a shimmery powder. It’s used in tons of cosmetic products to give the product pigment.
Q: How long is the shelf life on products?
A: We personally would not recommend using any cosmetic product for more than 3 months. Because it is homemade, and lacks preservatives, it will begin to settle after some time. Plus, you’ll love your products so much, we doubt that you will have a problem using everything in a timely manner :).
Q: Can I use your products if I have certain allergies?
A: While ingredients are natural, please be mindful that my products DO contain the following: Shea, coconut, and almond. Please THOROUGHLY read ingredients prior to purchasing. Body By Z is not, and will not be responsible for any allergic reactions as a result of failing to do so.
Q: Can men use your products?
A: YES! Men should also take pride in their skin. Not just women. Body By Z is handcrafted for men, women, and children...for EVERY BODY.
Q: Is this safe to use on my baby’s skin?
A: I would recommend only using the whipped body butter on children, as there is no need for them to exfoliate with the Sugar Scrub at a young age.
Q: Do you offer shipping?
A: YES! Please be advised that prices will slightly differ due to shipping costs.
Thank you all for your support, if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact customer service.